Whatever Happened to Roger Styles? Guy Burgess-A Traitor Remembered

Guy Burgess, photo courtesy of the Smithsonian Magazine

Fifty-seven years ago on August 30, Soviet spy and British traitor Guy Burgess died an alcoholic’s death in Moscow, a little more than twelve years after defecting with his fellow spy and traitor Donald Maclean.  Upon arriving at Maclean’s home in a rented saloon car to pick up his fellow traitor, Burgess introduced himself to Maclean’s wife, Melinda, as “Roger Styles”.  The pair then disappeared only to reemerge publicly five years later in Moscow.  The defections were under very murky circumstances and kept from the public at the time.

What ever happened to Roger Styles?
We searched for him for miles and miles;
All his life he was a riotous funner,
Now it seems he’s done a runner.

I don’t know if he’d ever read O’Hara,
But he had an appointment in Samara;
With whom or why is so mysterious,
Yet everyone remains quite incurious.

At club and college, mum’s the word,
Not a sherry-coated whisper can be heard;
Cricket was once this apostle’s divinity;
It seems he worshipped another Trinity.

No Te Deums sung for this poor sod,
Ever on his knees before a false god;
Should we mourn the passing of this troubled soul?
Now just a handful of ashes in a churchyard hole.
Copyright 2020

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