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Short stories

Hangin’ with Iron Mike:  “I had just finished playing hoops and was walking off the asphalt court when Nia came running down the street toward me.   Even though she was till up the block I could hear her screaming and crying.”

“They killed Arnold,” she sobbed, running into my arms and holding me.

A Brooklyn boy demands  justice for his little sister and gets in the boxing ring.

They can’t send you upstate for killing a kid in the ring, can they?

In the Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, Issue 16 (Vol. 6, N0 1).  Available through Amazon, Barnes $ Noble and wildsidemagazines.com

In Memoriam: a vignette. When a great writer reaches the breaking point, the only thing left is his Boss shotgun.

In the Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, Issue 14 (Vol. 5, No. 4)

The Mystery of Ogham Manor:   “I had been away from our lodgings for several days, setting up my new surgery on the High Street in Putney, and on my return I found a noticeably thinner and unshaven Holmes packing his small travel valise.”  So begins the strange, sad tale of the demise of Ethelbert Wolkner of Ogham Manor, Devon and Sherlock Holmes’s battle of wits with his new and deadly nemesis, The Black Widow of Virginia.

The Great Detective: A New Sherlock Holmes Anthology

The Great Detective: A New Sherlock Holmes Anthology

Trybulski’s Sherlock Holmes is “Just terrific stuff from a master who writes with extrodinary delicacy, with hard-boiled strength as an outrider.”– Ken Bruen, award-winning creator of the famed Jack Taylor and Inspector Brant detective series.

The Great Detective, the latest Sherlock Holmes anthology with the ead story “The Mystery of Ogham Manor” by Stan Trybulski is available on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble (BN.com),  WildsidePress.com or from the publisher, The Borgo Press.    Other noted American and international mystery writers include Marvin Kaye, Gari Lovisi, Magda Jozsa of Australia, John L. French, Lyn McConchie of New Zealand, Richard K. Tobin of Canada, Ralph E. Vaughan, Morris Hershmann and Richard L. Kellogg.

Inscribed copies of the anthology may also be purchased from Stan Trybulski  for $12.00 by contacting Stan through this website.

A Little Too Much Heart in Battling Boxing Stories, Gryphon Press, 2012, available through www.Amazon.comwww.bn.com;  www.Gryphonbooks.com or by contacting Stan Trybulski through this site.

Battling Bopxing Stories coveri


The Up and Comer in Hardboiled Magazine, Issue #45, July, 2012,  available through www.Gryphonbooks.com

Be Good or Begone (A violent death interrupts Holmes and Watson’s visit to the famed McSorley’s Old Ale House in NYC), Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine Special Issue, Vol. 2, No. 1, Spring, 2011, available through www.Amazon.comwww.bn.com; WildsidePress.com  or by contacting Stan.

The Session (A Hank Jackson crime story) in Hardboiled Magazine, Issue #43, April, 2011.

The Bitter Half (A Doherty novella) in Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 4

Tough Guys Don’t Pay: Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine Vol. 1, No. 3, available through www.Amazon.comwww.bn.com; WildsidePress.com   or by contacting Stan.

No Loose Ends in Hardboiled Magazine, Issue #39, available through www.Gryphonbooks.com